Do you ever feel like you are walking through treacle? Or find something stopping you from taking action.

A lot of the time when we are feeing stuck it is because something in our unconscious mind is trying to keep us safe. The fear of the unknown often keeps us stuck. Recognising this is our mindset trying to protect us from getting hurt and reframing it to asking yourself what the worst thing that could happen. Once you’ve recognised this fear is keeping you stuck list all the things you can do to get to that big scary goal.

Ask yourself whether it is benefitting you from staying where you are. If it is not benefitting you from staying where you are think about the little steps you can take to get one step closer to where you want to be. Once you have listed out the little steps work on one step a day to move you through the fear. Great things happen the other side of fear. Think about how you would feel when you get passed this fear.

Remember every single person has or has had the same fear, humans are all the same, no one is any better than you, they have just learnt to take little steps to push through this fear. They decided to take action to conquer this fear. Are you ready to take action? You CAN and WILL get unstuck, recognise the fear, break down the steps to get you there and realise that we are all the same, no-one is better than you. Give yourself permission to lean into the fear and be ready for the feeling of accomplishment once you get through this.