My favourite resources and courses. I only recommend what I have bought and which worked for me. The online world is such a minefield. I have bought many more courses which don’t make the cut.  I wish I had this list when I started out. 

One of the very first courses I did which inspired me to leave my 9-5 was a Techpixies social media course with Joy Foster.

I would 100% recommend the course. It has continued to evolve and includes all the latest changes in social media and has a module on mindset included which is 80% of building a successful online business.

The Social Media Manager’s/Virtual Assistant’s Toolkit

If you are a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant starting out and need a solid foundation of templates I highly recommend the SMM Toolkit.

Templates included are: Proposal, Strategy, invoice, client checklist and questionnaire, onboarding Trello board, Competition T&Cs, financial spreadsheet including how to carry out workshops, power hours and audits. It also includes a module on WordPress and finances. A great tool in your business. You can purchase the Toolkit here.

Facebook Ads Academy

Lead generation is crucial to small businesses. When I was starting out I found it really helpful to understand Facebook Ads and use them as part of my lead generation and brand awareness campaigns. To be able to understand how to create FB Ads is priceless and can save you a lot of money. 

I took the course when I knew next to nothing about Facebook. This course deepened my understanding and gave me the confidence to try Ads for myself.

Once you know what you are doing you can provide this as part of your service or use it to drive leads in your business.

More information about the FB Ads Academy can be found here.


The Ads Manager Toolkit

The Ads Manager toolkit gives you the templates and tools to grow your Ads Manager business if you are starting out on your own as a FB Ads Manager.

The Ads Manager toolkit gives you all the tools you need to win, onboard and work with ads clients with processes and systems and customisable templates. Learn more here.

Build your own website with the Website Wonder Woman

When I started out I knew I wanted to be able to update my own website and be in control of any changes.

Lisa Rees, the Website Wonder Woman, holds your hand through the whole process. You can have anything from a simple website to a more complex membership or courses. Lisa is patient, words everything in simple language, doesn’t talk in jargon and is jolly lovely to boot! The DIY Website Academy is supported by a collaborative Facebook Group. You can find out more here.

The content kit gives you-

  • The 3 buyer stages your content needs to appeal to (it is essential you get the right mix of these).
  • How to write a bio/About page to generate leads from all the right people.
  • Everything you need to know to shoot, upload and caption engaging video content.
  • How to use long form content to promote your business.
  • Making best use of Stories (Facebook and Instagram).
  • How to use campaigns and challenges to boost your business
  • A gold-mine of mini tutorials on making magnificent graphics using Canva (we use this every day and we have some amazing hacks to share with you), Click here to find out more.

THE PROTECTION KIT: Trademarking your business IP:

Who is it for? Anyone with a business within the UK or outside of the UK but sells to a UK customer base, including:

Online Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches/Healers/Therapists, Experts/Educators/Influencers, Creatives

Why should you use the Protection Kit?

Because every single business owner should protect their IP. But sadly most think it’s not relevant to small businesses.

It is not an expensive, complicated process  so don’t choose to take the risk (this is NOT a great strategy in any area of business).

This helps big brand thinking to small business and help small business owners create the right legal, financial, brand and strategic foundations in their business that will protect them as they grow and scale to six, multi-six and seven figures and create massive impact in our world.

Because it all starts with having the right foundations from the get-go.

Not when you’ve ‘reached’ a certain milestone.

Not when you have consistent revenue.

Not when you ‘feel’ like you have a bonafide business and not a side-hustle.

Intellectual Property includes:

Framework and system names

Program and course names

Products and services

Brand names

All of those are your Intellectual Property and are worth a lot of money to you, even if they may not be creating that revenue right now.

Protecting it now will save you time, energy, heartache and money in the future.

Click here to find out more.

Digital Women

Digital Women is a membership that provides a valuable community with a mission to empower 1 million women in digital, a cause I absolutely love! A place to connect with like minded women aiming to make digital accessible.

The membership gives you the tech tools and digital skills you need to grow in your business. It has so much training you will never run out of learning new skills. You can find out more here