I want to share with you my journey to this point and what the courses I took.

These are the courses I did and I highly recommend them. I only recommend things I believe in and I am adding them here as it is really difficult when starting out as an entrepreneur to work out which courses are worth the money. I have been stung a few times.

Facebook Ads course

Facebook Ad creation can be a minefield. If you have ever run ads you will know what I mean. I always knew I wanted to learn so I could run them in my business. I decided to do The Lauras FB ads course. It is a great course and you get FB Group support and great content. More information can be found here.

The Ads Manager toolkit gives you the templates and tools to grow your Ads Manager business. Learn more here.

Social Media Management is so important to small businesses.  I can highly recommend the Social Media Manager’s Toolkit for social media manager and virtual assistants. When I started doing social media management for small businesses I used every template provided. Templates (which can be adapted for any business) included are: Proposal, Strategy, invoice, client checklist and questionnaire, onboarding Trello board, Competition T&Cs, financial spreadsheet including how to carry out workshops, power hours and audits.  It also includes a module on WordPress, finances and has toolkit perks. Happy to answer any questions you may have before purchase. You can purchase the Toolkit here.

Build your own website with the Website Wonder Woman

When I started out I knew I wanted to be able to change things myself on the website and understand how things worked.

Lisa Rees who is the Website Wonder Woman holds your hand through the whole process and you can have anything from a simple website to a more complex membership or courses. Lisa is patient and doesn’t talk in jargon with a supportive Facebook Group. You can find out more here.

Digital Women

Digital Women is an incredible membership that provides an incredible community with a mission to empower 1m women in digital. It gives you the tech tools and digital skills you need to grow in your business. You can find out more here