1:1 coaching

Let me help you create the clarity and confidence to build a business so you have more money and freedom.

Imagine feeling:

So aligned with your business and life that everything falls into place

  • A business that works like clockwork with a solid foundation
  • Systems in place that work effortlessly in the background
  • Knowing who your ideal clients are and where they hang out
  • Attracting the right clients that light you up and will pay the money you deserve
  • Creating signature offers that sell
  • Having an objective view on where the holes might be in your business and plugging these gaps
  • Having someone to keep you accountable and motivated in your business so you can continue to make more money effortlessly.
  • Having a rock-solid mindset and the self-belief that you can create a business that works for you.
Hilary Thomson

Would you like to go from feeling frustrated and directionless to having a solid strategy and foundations, clarity, success mindset, more productivity and motivation and start taking action in the right direction?

Is this you?

  • Did you wake up one day and wonder where your life had gone?
  • Do you look around at all the young ones and feel a little left on the shelf?
  • Did you start a business because your children are grown up and don’t need you as much?
  • Have your children flown the nest and you want to create something for yourself?
  • You started a business with great intentions and now find your laptop groaning under the weight of all the freebies and downloads that you have never even opened or looked at? 
  • You started off well but you’ve lost your way and other people’s content has made you confused and overwhelmed.
  • You make money in your business but it is not consistent, you feel like there’s something missing.
  • You don’t have a consistent plan and are just winging it using other people’s strategies that don’t feel aligned. 
  • You are overwhelmed with all the strategies in the online world. 
  • You know you have so much to offer but can’t find and keep the momentum going to grow. 
  • You procrastinate and you don’t do the things you need to move your business forward. 
Hilary Thomson

Investment in you:

My 1:1 coaching is a 4 figure investment. Payment plans are available.


If I can say what Hilary does in one sentence. She unties the knots in your head. The knots that are holding you back. The knots that make things overwhelming and unclear.

After working with Hilary I am able to make phone calls and meet people and speak with confidence for my business and outside business life.

I am able to jump into new things with confidence and excitement where before I would shy away and put things off and bury my head in the sand.

I am now able to speak up for myself knowing my opinion counts and is worthy and I count.

I am now confident to get on with things knowing every failure or hiccup is one step closer to success and I’m going to learn and grow with every step.

I now feel confident that anything is possible if you break the steps down small enough. .

Sean Perkins

I had a very professional and motivating experience with Hilary.

Hilary listened to my issues and was able to spot the main ones that I raised and gave a professional open minded advice accordingly that made my next move more efficient and powerful.

Thank you very much! You are really a unique star!

Keren Menashe, World's Women's Club

Before I worked with Hilary, I wanted more clarity on where to focus my energy within my business and which way to move forwards.

After working with Hilary, I felt I was swimming in the clear blue waters of the sea. I was able to move forwards with more focus and clarity with a greater understanding of my business goals and how to get there, whilst remaining in control and not giving up 24 hours a day to it.

Faye Morgan


This is for your if:

  • you are determined to have more freedom and create a life and business on your terms.
  • you are willing to put in the work.
  • you have put your life on hold for others and now is your time
  • you don’t make excuses
  • you have tested out your offer and worked with clients
  • you have been in business 1+ years


Hilary Thomson

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Are you ready to change your life and business to have more freedom and money?